Jodi Lyn O’Keefe Amaury Nolasco in a Bad Movie Edge Of Fear

Everyone remember Gretchen and Sucre in Prison Break season 3 and 4, but now they are also together in the movie Edge of Fear where they have a relationship and even a sex scene with each other. It is very weird to see

Jodi and Amaury in a movie, because when I saw that sex scene, it was Gretchen and Sucre. I don’t understand why they put Amaury and Jodi in one movie, not only that, it is a bad movie. It was one day on Netflix Netherlands and it was deleted after that.

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Also Rockmond Dunbar and Robert Knepper are in Prison Break and Edge of Fear. I don’t see Robert Knepper as T-bag, I saw many other movies from Robert. Well it seems to be that Amuary is an actor in a bad movie, because I can’t separate him from Sucre at all.

I don’t really understand why they put so many actors from one big hit serie like Prison Break in a movie Edge of Fear.

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