Jodi Lyn O’Keefe as Isabella and Gail Two and a Half Men

Jodi Lyn O’Keefe has been in Two and a Half men for 4 times, 2 times as Isabella in episodes Hi Mr Horned One and, Gumby with a Pokey and Nice to Meet You, Walden Smith. The other small role in Two and a Half men was as Gail in episode Last Chance Who See those Tattoos.

One most famous role is as Isabella in Hi, Mr Horned One where she plays the evil girl friend of Charlie Harper.

Two and a Half Men

The Harper brothers Charlie and Alan are almost opposites but form a great team. They have little in common except their dislike for their mundane, maternally cold and domineering mother, Evelyn.

Alan, a compulsively neat chiropractor and control-freak, is thrown out by his manipulative wife Judith who nevertheless gets him to pay for everything and do most jobs in the house. Charlie is a freelance jingle composer and irresistible Cassanova who lives in a luxurious beach-house and rarely gets up before noon.

New actors

Sadly Charlie Sheen left Two and a Half men, he has been replaced for Ashton Kutcher, Two and a Half Men is not what it was. Ashton Kutcher was hired to replace him the following season as Walden Schmidt, a billionaire who buys Charlie’s house after his death.

Replacing actors will happends in al lot of TV Shows like The Bold and the Beautiful where they replaced Ridge with a total new one which is a shock to most fans of the Bold. Rigde played by Ron Moss where there for more than 20 years. I have followed The Bold from the beginning.


Also dutch tv show Good Times Bed Times, in Dutch GTST has actors been replaced, to some newcomers you get used to others you will never get used to.

Anyway back to Jodi, one of my favorite tv episodes, not tv shows, I don’t like Two and a Half men, was Hi Mr Horned One, Jodi is good in playing a evil bitch just like she did in Prison Break and movies as She’s All That and Whatever it Takes.

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