Jodi Lyn O’Keefe Prison Break Season 7

Jodi Lyn O’Keefe will return in Prison Break season 7, because they cast the actors from Prison Break season 3. Prison Break characters from season 1 will be in season 5, characters from season 2 will be in season 7 and characters from season 3 will be in season 7.

Susan B. Anthony / Gretchen Morgan

Jodi Lyn O’Keefe as Susan B. Anthony starts in Prison Break season 3, a mystery woman who met Lincoln Burrows at a bar where she shows a phone with a video of Linc his son LJ. Half a way season 3 The General said Susan B. her real name : Gretchen Morgan, from then it will be Gretchen Morgan. 

In season 4 Gretchen Morgan visit her sister and soon we will also met Gretchen her daughter. It seems to be that her daughter didn’t know that Gretchen is her mother, so she calls her auntie all the way season 4. Gretchen is working for the General or better say she was working for the company. Gretchen will work with T-bag to bring the company down.

In Prison Break The Final Break we will meet Gretchen again, but this time in Prison where she also met Sara, they try to escape, but Gretchen get busted. The reason why Gretchen want to escape is because of her daughter Emily.

Prison Break season 7 with Gretchen.

The story can be continue for Gretchen, maybe she escaped from Prison or she is free, so she can met her daughter. We never know, maybe Gretchen will come back in season 6. At this moment Wentworth Miller confirms that he is working on Prison Break season 6. Let we all see what Prison Break Resurrection will bring us so far.

Prison Break season 6 is confirmed and will be at least end of 2019 begin 2020 on Fox

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