Jodi Lyn O’Keefe Works : Acting, Bartender, Jewelry designer

For the core Jodi Lyn O’Keefe is an Actress, but everyone knows that being an actress is not from 9-5 40 hours in a week like normal jobs have. So you where wondering where Actors spend their time and live forward in the time they don’t have a movie or tv serie.

Jodi is a very talented woman, she is beautiful, intelligent, smart and funny. I read somewhere that Jodi is working as a Bartender, yes someone has wrote that on Twitter, I have somewhere the screen shot but no idea where it is on my pc. Let’s talk about Jodi her other works. At the very young age of 8 years, little Jodi started her career as a model for Gitano Jeans. Awesome !

Jodi her older sister Jenna did the same, so Jodi wanted the same as her big sister. From then till now, Jodi is still doing model works, she has been modeling for the very popular Maxim Magazine, everyone knows the pics, where she is wearing a very hot black lingerie.

She did some beautiful photo shoots for Viva Magazine, InStyle Magazine, Grand Tour Magazine, and one of her latest photo shoot was with photographer Tony Donaldson.

Gregory Arlt

She has been working with Tony before, for the Grand Tour Magazine in the year 2008. She works with profession people like hair stylist Larry Sims, and the famous celebrity makeup artist, and also the man that I love, Gregory Arlt. Gregory is a senior Makeup Artist for Mac Cosmetics, he does the makeup for celebrities like miss Dita Von Teese.

Besides Modeling works and Acting, Jodi has started her own clothing line called Queen George Clothing, it’s a clothing line designed by Jodi herself, Jodi loves skulls, so she paint a couple of great skulls and some great Mad Queen, personally one of my favorites from that clothing line.

Jewelry Line

Since begin 2012 Jodi has also her own Jewelry line called Q as well. The jewelry are Jodi her passion, you can see on her collection, that it has a brand new own style, and made with love.

Jodi loves kids and dogs, so I guess that Jodi is doing something with that besides her regular job as an amazing actress. Vincent Cirrincione Associates is Jodi her management for her work as an actress. But Jodi is the Director and Founder of her own company Q Jewelry Design.

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