This War of Mine Armin van Buuren, Jodi Lyn O’Keefe Scenario

This War of Mine has a scenario as my own story editor on all platforms, but the pc version which one is available on steam, has also a upload function where you can upload a photo from someone to put in the game with name.

I created my own scenario by uploading photos from Armin van Buuren (DJ and Producer), Jodi Lyn O’Keefe (actress in Prison Break) and Chris Wood (actor in The Vampire Diaries).

The Shelter

They all three has some automatic bio, because you can not change that. They are all 3 in the shelter, Armin and Jodi where digging and looking for supplies in the Shelter, while Chris Wood do got upstairs and try to find some good stuff elsewhere in the house.

Amin was crafting quick a metal workshop for a shovel and a crowbar which he did later because he had no materials to create more than only a metal workshop. The first night fall and I send Jodi Lyn O’Keefe to scavenge, she did a good job, she was sneak into a building where she found some good materials like wood which can be used to craft a bed.

When she got back, Armin crafted the bed for Jodi and a stove to cook. Jodi got to sleep because she was tired. Someone knocks on the door and it’s Franko who wants to trade some good stuff. Chris Wood was the one who trade some food and water.

Poor Jodi

The Night falls and Jodi is going for scavenge again, this time she had bad luck, she has to fight with some other homeless woman and she got shot after she stole some food. Jodi is wounded and going back to the shelter where she got some bandage and food. Poorly girl Jodi didn’t make it 2 days later, she died.

Chris Wood is going on scavenge and he died to, he got shot in the same house and Jodi, but he died immidiatly. Armin was left alone in the Shelter and he commited suicide.

You didn’t Survive

Sadly story, they all three didn’t survive. But it is fun to create your own story with your own favorite characters which you can create by upload photos from who ever you want. I had a lot of fun with it. Of course I survived with some other characters in the classic mode, when you can unlock other characters.

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