Apex Legends Battle Royal Not a Fornite Killer at all

Apex Legends on Playstation 4 is a free Battle Royal game, but it’s not a Fornite or PUGb killer at all. I played some rounds, first you start with a tutorial where you learn some basics of the game like how to shoot, heal, climb, run and all the basic stuff in a shooter. I skipped the half of it because I found it annoying.

Start a round with 3 other team mates drop in the Kings Canyon without weapons at all, yes same intro like you start in Fortnite and all the look a like Battle Royal games. Find your way to get some weapons is the first you do and than the only thing you do is shoot other people. That was it.

Nothing to do with Fortnite

In Fortnite you can build, in Apex Legends you can’t, so I don’t really understand why Fortnite has to be afraid for. Fortnite is still king in Battle Royal and Apex Legends is not even close to Fortnite at all. Fortnite is still not my favorite game, but it is my favorite game in the Battle Royal franchise.

Apex Legends is a new game so we will see what it brings in the future. Call of Duty Battle Royal is a sort of Apex Legends but still better than.

Pictures gameplay

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