Jodi Lyn O’Keefe Command and Conquer Red Alert Uprising

As you know there is a video game Red Alert 3 Uprising starring Jodi Lyn O’Keefe as Kelly Weaver. There are two versions of this game, The PC version and The Playstation 3 Version. I own and play both. Here is a the hands on from both versions with as central point in game and

Kelly Weaver. Let me tell you first what Red Alert 3 Uprising is, well it is a real-time strategy game, this version uprising is a standalone Expansion from the Original Game Red Alert 3. To play Uprising, you don’t need the original game as well. For you who has followed the serie, Red Alert 3 is a serie from Command & Conquer. The first game from Command & Conquer is Red Alert. The complete Command & Conquer (CC) excist 13 series, the newest one and I guess the last one is Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight what was released in 2010. In my opinion Red Alert 3 is the best, I have that one on pc and I’ve play that for hours long.

Storyline Red Alert 3 Uprising

Let start with the storyline Red Alert 3 Uprising, that is what this review is about, so .. what is it ? Uprising picks up on where the Allied Campaign of the original game left off. Four “mini-campaigns” are available, one for each faction in Red Alert 3 and a bonus one centered around the origins of the Empire’s commando Yuriko Omega. Each of the campaigns is three missions long, with the exception of the Soviet one, which consists of four. Initially only the Soviet and Yuriko campaigns are available, the campaigns for the Allies and the Empire of the Rising Sun becoming available after finishing the first mission in the Soviet campaign. All three campaigns assume that the Allied faction was victorious at the end of Red Alert 3. Both the Soviet Russia and the Imperial Japan have surrendered.

The Soviet campaign focuses on the remaining Soviet resistance trying to stop FutureTech, an Allied defense contractor which plans to create a super weapon called the “Sigma Harmonizer”, a device to selectively stop time. FutureTech is revealed to have been helped by European Union President Rupert Thornley. Thornley plans to remove Soviet Union from the timeline.

The Allied campaign concentrates on defeating several Imperial commanders who still resist Allied occupation. Emperor Tatsu has seemingly begun to cooperate with the Allies, but reveals his true intentions after his military authority is restored by the fall of Takara, the last commander in the Allied campaign.

The Empire’s campaign covers the fight against two Soviet generals whose attempts to conquer parts of Japan is ignored by the Allied governor. The Allied forces finally decide to intervene in the last mission by attacking both belligerents.

The Yuriko campaign recounts the story of Yuriko Omega, her origins and discovery by the Imperial military, her captivity by the Allies and her fight to rescue her sister. Unlike the other campaigns, this campaign resembles an action role-playing game instead of a real-time strategy. The camera is always locked on Yuriko and the sidebar, minimap and threat meter are replaced with a compact command bar dedicated to Yuriko and her abilities.

Jodi Lyn O’Keefe as Kelly Weaver

You will see Jodi in the cutscenes, that was it, you will not see here in the ingame story like Ric Flair as Commander Douglas Hill. Kelly Weaver is working for FutureTech CPO. She will tell you that she monitor your progress in the game. You can find Kelly Weaver only in Commander’s Challenge Mode.

PC vs Playstation 3

Is there a difference ? Yes there is, Only on Playstation 3 you have the Commander’s Challenge, on the pc you have the Commander’s Challenge and the Campaign, see video. For the rest is the art with Jodi as Kelly Weaver the same on both platforms.

Is it worth to buy ?

Yes, if you are a die hard Jodi Lyn O’Keefe fan like me, you buy everything where Jodi is in it, so also this game.


Not my favorite Command & Conquer game, this has nothing to do with Jodi as Kelly Weaver, but if I look at all the other titles from CC, this is not the best expansion from the serie.

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