The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Secret Seed Codes

You can put seeds in to The Binding of Isaac Rebirth, I have been playing the game on Playstation 4 and the seed codes are working correct. Here is the list of Seeds and the discrption of what it does.

Rebirth has over 4 BILLION possible seed combinations, however there are 50+ pre-assigned seeds which have unique effects on the game. This page highlights all the secret seed codes which the developers have added to the game and what each seed does.

  • BASE MENT: turns every floor in to the basement.
  • BOOB TOOB: applies a filter to the game screen which makes it look like an arcade machine.
  • BRWN SNKE: Isaac leaves behind a trail of poop as he walks.
  • BL1N DEYE: all enemies in game become invisible.
  • FART SNDS: game sound effects are replaced with fart noises.
  • SLOW 4ME2: as long as Isaac is standing still, everything else moves in slow motion but speeds up as soon as he starts walking.
  • CAMO K1DD: player sprite is replaced by a brown colored shadow, almost similar to the floor color making it look invisible.
  • KAPP A: characters spawn grey similar to the Twitch tv emote.
  • CHAM P1ON: spawn chance of special enemies is increased.
  • PTCH BLCK: Isaac and his tears turn black.
  • DRAW KCAB: movement and firing controls are inverted.
  • PEE: Isaac can walk through stones and a Zelda styled 2D hidden room gets added in Basement 1.
  • ITSA SECR: a hidden Zelda like 2D side scrolling room gets added to the game.
  • KEEP AWAY: pick ups mimic player movement.
  • DYSL EX1C: in game text is re-arranged.
  • CHRS TMAS: Gives Isaac a Santa hat
  • C0CK FGHT: All enemies have a permanent charm effect and will attack each other if hostile.
  • FREE 2PAY: Starts you with 69 coins and makes it so you have to purchase all of your items and pickups.
  • CONF ETT1: Easy Mode (Every enemie is stunned for the whole run. This means easy mode, but beware that enemies still attacks and target you automatically but not in a agressive way just like in the normal mode)
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