This War of Mine Complete Edition and Board game

This War of Mine is a survival game from 11Bits studios, it came out on Playstation 4, PC, Xbox One, Android mobile, Nintendo Switch, IOS and Linux.

In This War Of Mine you do not play as an elite soldier, rather a group of civilians trying to survive in a besieged city; struggling with lack of food, medicine and constant danger from snipers and hostile scavengers. The game provides an experience of war seen from an entirely new angle.

Dark Despression

The game is dark, despressing and survival. At the start you have to play with 3 characters Pavle, Bruno and Marko. A empty dirty building is what is their new home. Goal is to survive till the war is over which could be longer than 20 days.


The building has locked doors, which only can be open with a lockpick which one is the first thing in the game to create. There are also obstacles which one can be moved away with a shovel or with your hand which take longer. The stuff you will find are usefull to craft things like a bed, chair, weapons and so on.

When the nights fall one of your characters is going to another places to explore in the city like a hospital, supermarket, other small houses. You will find food which one is very important, some medical health because some characters in This War of Mine are sick, get wounded.

Different versions

Not all versions on consoles and pc has the same content, here is a list what each version have

  • PC version which is on steam has the most complete package, it has the main game This War of Mine, season pass.
    • DLC Father’s Promise,
    • DLC The Last Broadcast
    • DLC The Litte Ones
    • DLC War Child Charity
  • Nintendo Switch version has the main game This War of Mine
    • DLC The Little Ones
    • DLC The Last Broadcast
    • DLC Fater’s Promise
    • Anniversary update with new characters, locations and a new end which is special created for the second anniversary of the game
  • Playstation 4 and Xbox One has the main game This War of Mine
    • DLC The Little Ones
  • Android and IOS version have the main game This War of Mine
    • DLC The Little Ones
  • This War of Mine Board Game has the main game
    • DLC Tales from the Ruined City

Which version to buy ?

PC or Nintendo Switch. If you have a PC /Laptop buy This War of Mine on Steam with the DLC you like, because they are seperated for buying, if you don’t want to play with kids in a war game skips The Little Ones, also known that there is a little bug with Iskra, she is not moving at some point in the game and they still didn’t fix it. I found that very annoying

If you have a Nintendo Switch, buy This War of Mine of Swich because it is the complete version and has all DLC and even some extra things that you can’t find on other platforms

Mobile versions

Android, IOS and Playstation 4 contains only the main game and the DLC The Little Ones, besides that the game is too small on a mobile phone, you must zoom in and zoom out and the chance that you will hit the wrong action is big.

Playstation 4 controls are not always good in reactions specially with walking up stars. So PC version or Nintendo Switch are the best platforms to play This War of Mine.

This War of Mine Board game

Well this is something different, it is a board game which you can play solo or with 4 others, I will get the board game soon because I am a huge fan of This War of Mine. If you like board games buy it !! I will write a review about the board game very soon.

Is it Worth

Yes, This War of Mine is 100% it’s price worth, why ? It is something else than games these days. It gave you a good picture how it is to live in a war, how to survive because this game is based on true war events. It is also despressed, so if you are quick down, this game is not cheer you up.


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