This War of Mine How to Trade, Use Coffee and Smoke

This War of Mine has a trade system, a man came to your door to trade items. Be carful to trade any good items, Moonshines are always work so does diamonds and weapons, but always try to trade some other stuff first lie herbs and sugar. Trade three times.

Example :

I need some water and coffee beans because Katia is a coffee drinker, so I need water and coffee beans. I trade that for Moonshines some herbs and I was done, we had a deal. I trade again, this time I need some wood, in trade I gave him some electronics.

I trade for the third time and gave him a knive, because I had 2 of it and I got some medicals. He left. 3 deals and some happy Katia who has now coffee and medicals because she was sick. A good rest in bed and she can be on scavenge the next night.

How use Coffee and Cigarettes

If you have coffee beans and water in your inventory and a coffee drinker like Katia, she will use automatic one coffee bean a day. There is no interaction button for that, it is all automatic, the same for the cigrattes like Marko is using 3 at a day, also this is an automatic function and you can not let him smoke, he will do that daily if you have cigarettes in your inventory

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