This War of Mine Pavle by Kacper Kwiatkowski

The most characters in video games are voiced over by some actors which you can find on IMDb, and most of the time they have not really an interaction with the game itself, they are acting like they normal do and that’s it.

This War of Mine videogame has characters which one are created by the developers itself and are also playing themself. Pavle in This War of Mine is created by Kacper Kwiatkowski, he has been working by 11bits studio.

Kaceper wrote : I had an honor to lend my likeness to one of the characters in the game This War of Mine.

About Kacper

started when he was six and played Contra with his brother. Kacper immediately got sucked in and still can’t get enough of it. Also, he has always enjoyed creating stuff, so game development became his dream job. That’s why I’m good at it.

Kacper is mostly a game designer, but sometimes a writer, producer or programmer. Currently a co-boss of Vile Monarch studio and game design teacher at Warsaw Film School. Before, he worked at 11 bit studios, co-creating This War of Mine (game designer, writer) and Sleepwalker’s Journey (game designer, project lead). Earlier he was working on a number of mobile titles at Nawia Games.

he enjoy film, music, photography and fitness. And guess what else? Yeah, video games are great.


Pavle is a Fast Runner, which means he can run faster than all other playable characters. He does not smoke or drink coffee. Pavle has an inventory space of 12 and can play the guitar reasonably well.

Before this whole mess begun, I lived with my wife and son in the better part of the city. I haven’t seen them in a long time, I hope they are ok. I’m not doing so well, as you can see. Who needs football players during war? Nobody cares about sports when every day can be their last. So I scavenge the ruins like everyone else, hoping for the best.

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