This War of Mine What DLC is Worth and What You Get

The Last three days I have spend a lot of time with the game This War of Mine on Playstation 4, the game was a playstation plus game a long time ago, so before gave up my playstation plus subsciption I was figure out where to buy the game after that, on PC or on Nintendo Switch.

The PC and Nintendo Switch has DLC but which one has the complete version and which one don’t. One thing is sure, the Playstation 4 version has only the DLC The Little Ones.

On Steam where The War of Mine is available, you can see that it has all the DLC’s :

  • The Little Ones
  • The Last Broadcast
  • Father’s Promise
  • War Child Charity

On Nintendo Switch it has for sure, The Little Ones and The Last Broadcast, that is what I know about the Switch version. So there are 2 DLC’s left : Father’s Promise and War Child Charity

I was expecting that also War Child Charity was a DLC with some new content, but hey .. it’s not. War Child Charity is only a donation to War Child, you get no extra gameplay, no new shelter or new supplies, characters, but only some grafity stuff where you can look at.

Father’s Promise is like the title said, a father and son or daughter. Same for The Little Ones, kids in a game.

Kids in a War game

I have played The Little Ones and those kids are annoying, they can’t do anything in the game, no interaction or creating stuff, well in real life you send kids to steal something or create a bed, so yeah that’s normal, but the kids in This War in Mine get in the way all the time, you must feed them and you know that how more people in the shelter how more food you have to create and a bed and so on.

If you like kids in The Sims and like kids at all go for the complete package on Ninendo Switch for 39 dollar and 39 euro. If you don’t like it at all, pick up the steam version and buy the main game This War is Mine for 18 dollar en de DLC The Last Broadcast for 4 dollar and you are done.

Has Android / IOS all DLC

No it has not, you can buy DLC in the game itself, but I don’t think it is all the DLC’s and besides that everything in the game looks small. If you are looking at PS4 version, the orange things on the card of the characters, you can even read that, so small is it and my TV is big. So Steam version for me and only 1 DLC The Last Broadcast.

One Episode will come

The Nintendo Switch has some different endings and some new locations, well so does the PC version. There was never a good video or article that shows me that Nintendo Switch has include The Last Broadcast. Only some dumb idiot who shows the main screen and credit and skipped direct to survival.

There is one episode left which is coming soon I hope. There are 3 episodes and since War Child Charity is not really a DLC, there is one to go. Season pass says also there are 3 episodes.


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