Hope for Paws : Abandoned Pit Bull doesn’t lose hope

Sterling a Pit Bull was rescued by Hope for Paws, just because you share our rescue videos and because of that, people know to call Hope For Paws for help! YES, it is true – you can buy our Lucky Leash on our website, and 100% of the profits go towards rescuing more animals.

Hope for Paws

Hope for Paws rescues dogs and all other animals who are suffering on the streets and in shelters ourgoal is to educate people on the importance of companion animals in our society, to reduce euthanasia rates at shelters, increase adoption rates, and inspire people all over the world to take action in order to end animal abuse, neglect, and homelessness.

Pit Bull Love

This is one of my favorite rescue videos because Pit Bull has a bad reputation in the media, but this video shows that Pit Bulls are not bad breeds at all. Sterling is so cute and one to be loved.


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