Armin van Buuren Presents GAIA Moons of Jupiter

New music from the producer’s elusive moniker Gaia is on the horizon, as he teases a new project called Moons of Jupiter. Diehard fans have been awaiting a full body of work from Gaia for quite some time — and from the looks of this teaser, the wait is nearly over.

Since Gaia formed in 2009, both Armin and Benno have sporadically put out tracks together. Meanwhile, fans have been begging for a complete EP or album to get a full grasp on their immaculate sound.

Gaia Album with Benno de Goeij

Armin van Buuren took to social media to tease a Gaia project called Moons of Jupiter. All we know is there is a special announcement coming soon. We can’t imagine this is just a single, so this basically has to be the long rumored Gaia album coming to life. We’ll probably learn more on a forthcoming episode of A State of Trance so keep your eyes peeled for new info.

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