Douglas Little Founder Heretic Parfum, I am Heretic

I am heretic is a series of conversations with modern-day provocateurs. they are unapologetic rule breakers; individuals with an unparalleled creative vision that leads them down rare and unexplored paths.

Douglas Little is the Founder of Heretic Parfum, here is a short interview with Douglas about his parfum.

Where did the name “Heretic” come from?

Dougas Little : During the years when I was freelancing, I was asked to speak at a lot of trending conferences. During a particular panel, I was specifically asked about fragrance, and I said that what I believe is going to happen, is that we’re going to see a backlash against all of these celebrity endorsed fragrances, and I said that I firmly believe that the public is losing faith in fragrance because anyone can have a fragrance now — I mean, Doctor Phil’s wife has a fragrance.

I told them that I believe that niche fragrances are going to be the future, and more specifically, that naturals will become a trend. This was about three years ago, and at the time, we were seeing a trend with small batch coffee companies and organic wines. What gives anything validity anymore, is people being interested in something that is different. People are going to pay a little bit more money for it because it’s new and exciting.

There was another perfumer there who said, ‘What you’re talking about is really non-applicable to the masses,’ and I said, ‘We can agree to disagree.’ And they said, ‘Natural perfuming is really the work of housewives at home. It is relegated to people who are doing it as a hobby, and the work of natural perfume is the work of heresy, because you can’t replicate it, so for big batches of fragrance from season to season, there will be a difference in experience.’ I said, ‘Well, case in point, because you’re proving that what I’m talking about is with small batches.’

We agreed to disagree, but I went home that night and what they’d said about my work being the work of heresy just set my hair on fire, and got me to thinking. That night, I was up at one o’clock in the morning on doing a trademark search to see if the word “heresy” or “heretic” was available, and much to my surprise, it was. So that next morning I called my lawyer and we trademarked Heretic every which way, and it became the name of the company.

Really, the word heretic has no bearing on it — people associate it with religious aspects, but the word means “someone who is diametrically opposed to the common ideas of the masses”.

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