Jodi Lyn O’Keefe Burning No Bridges in Nash Bridges

Jodi Lyn O’Keefe her project should please parents as well as those government officials who are so intent on cleaning up the television landscape. She had co-stars with Don Jonson in Nash Bridges, a family oriented action drama series airing on CBS.

The show revolves around the title character Nash, played by Don Johnson, a highly respected member of the San Francisco Police Department. Complicating Nash his life is the presence of two ex-wives and a 16 years old daughter, Cassidy, played by Jodi Lyn O’Keefe.

Don Johnson

The actress feels that the family aspect of the series sets it apart from other action dramas. “It’s not just the regular shoot-em-up, bang-bang action series. You got to see his home life as well as his life as a cop.

You see his ex-wives and his daughter, and the things he goes through with them.” O’Keefe says her anxiety about working with Don Johnson was short-lived, thanks in large part to the actor himself. “He really makes everyone feel comfortable. You can definitely tell that he is an actor looking out for other actors.”

Cassidy Bridges

Jodi describes her character as a typical 16 years old. The only thing different about her is that, although she is still only a teenager, she looks a little bit older. That scares her father. She is a handful for him.

It’s fun to watch her manipulate him and see what goes on. And it’s interesting to see what she’ll say next. Although Bridges is an action series, O’Keefe has yet to perform any stunt work. “They’re thinking about it.

I would really welcome the opportunity to do that.” She says. “We’ve been joking around about it. I said, ‘Come on. I want to be in an action scene. Let’s go.’ They have great stunts going on here. I won’t know if I’ll get to do any until I read the next fe scripts.”

30 Teachers

The actress says her time on Another World was invaluable in preparing her for this project. “I learned everything on the soap. I was there for six months and it was I had 30 teachers around me. If it wasn’t for the soap I don’t think I would be able to do this right now. I wouldn’t feel as comfortable.”

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