Jodi Lyn O’Keefe John Cusack Dating Relationship Rumors

According to the keyword stats of this Jodi Lyn O’Keefe Website I see a lot of people who are searching for Jodi Lyn O’Keefe John Cusack Dating, Married, Childeren, divorce and so on. It’s pretty annoying that people are still spread rumors about Jodi and John and even think that they are married.

I must careful what I write about Jodi her datings, because I don’t want to make Jodi pissed again. Jodi and John where dating in the year 2001 till 2009.

They split for whatever reason they did, they where spotted on LAX Airport after they had a vacation in Malibu where John has also a house. Jodi looks not so happy when she spotted by paparazzi photographers.

John Cusack and Jodi Lyn O’Keefe are still friends, they made a movie together “Untitled Wallstreet Project” a movie created by John Cusack starring also friend of Cusack Ned Bellamy.

Q Jewelry

John was on Jodi her birthday party in 2012, they placed a couple of videos and photos what was not a good move, because the rumors are popup again.

Jodi has visit Joan Cusack her store in New York a couple of times together with friend Victoria Pratt. The family Cusack was on Jodi her Q Jewelry launch also in 2012.

Jodi and Ann Cusack will be together on a autograph convention next week in New Jersey, that is also where Jodi is born. About the Don Johnson rumor, Jodi never dated Don. I have a audio interview where Jodi confirms that she never dated him.

In 2013 Jodi and John where spotted together in a restaurant somewhere in Los Angeles.

Cusack Homeless

One of the comments I read on one of the photos came from a russian website where they placed my photos :  “Jody and some homeless , which she picked up on the street and led to the cafe to eat. :)) ” I found this humor ! But it is not a homeless, it is John Cusack.

Jodi is still single, she lives with her 2 dogs Ophelia and George in Studio City. That Jodi appears with man on pictures doesn’t mean she is dating. In one of Jodi her latest interviews, she said that 90% of her friends are gay.

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