Jodi Lyn O’Keefe Measurements and Quotes

Some people wanted to know every detail about Jodi Lyn O’Keefe, like her Bra Size, Height, Weight, color eyes, lenght, shoe size, nail size and all other sizes.

Funny thing is when I search for some websites who claim to know all this kind of measurements about Jodi, I saw that her weight is 57 kilo …. really ? I have that weight and I am shorter than Jodi.

Jodi is 1.72m but her weight is not 57 kilo. About her Bra Size, I don’t really care. Jodi has beautiful blue eyes and she has dark hair.

You can see on someones eyebrows color what kind of hair color he or she has. Jodi is a Libra, she is born on October 10 1978 Cliffwood Beach, New Jersey, the same date as her sister Heather O’Keefe, only Heather is older than Jodi.

About her shoe size, I have really know idea and it is not even important so does the rest of her whatever people wanted to know about her body.

Some quotes Jodi said in interviews :

– I did make some not-so-great relationship decisions when I was a lot younger. I do know that not all high school boys are great and wonderful and Prince Charming, and there are a few that are going to treat you that way. I don’t know if that’s true for the general public, but I’m sure it’s happened to everybody.”

– “A lot of the time the film chooses me. I’ll be working and I’ll get a call from my agent and I’ll get the script and then tell him what I think.

This is new for me because before I used to have to go through the audition process. I went, auditioned, and if they liked me, they liked me. If not, I had to start all over again.”

– “I’m deathly afraid of rats. The other night I heard a scritch-scritch-scritch noise in my house. Apparently a rat is trapped underneath the floor. He keeps me awake at night. I hear that noise and I grab the dog and hide in the corner.”

Jodi is afraid of Rats, but she has 2 dogs, Ophelia and George who protect her I guess. Jodi is also afraid of Spiders, I read that once in an interview

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