Jodi Lyn O’Keefe When News and Pictures or Updates

I saw it a couple of times on the board of IMDb (boards on imdb are gone), question is there news about Jodi Lyn O’Keefe and are there any new appearances from her somewhere.

Let me tell you this : if a celebrity has a new movie or tv show, they will be invited at a lot of events and conventions like the comic con. When Jodi Lyn O’Keefe was in Prison Break season 3 and 4 and also The Final Break, you saw Jodi in a lot of tv shows as guest like Two and a Half Men, Lost, The Big Bang Theory.

You also saw Jodi on a lot of events, what means there where a lot of Red Carpet photos. Jodi was also in a lot of new movies from Lifetime Movie Network and Hallmark like Class, Exposed and Stalkers. You saw Jodi also in magazines like Viva Magazine and a lot of new photoshoots.

After the big show ends

After that and with that I mean Jodi was done with Prison Break, it was silence. Jodi came in the serie Hit The Floor, but since Hit The Floor is not so big as Prison Break, because it is also not worldwide, Jodi was on some events but not at so many as in the time of Prison Break.

When Jodi came in The Vampire Diaries she get a boots again, but not with new movies, only some guests role in Lucifer and The Exes since I can remember that. Jodi has also launched her Jewelry Line Q, she is busy with that. 

No Need Prison Break for News

Prison Break season 5 will be on air in about 2 weeks, sadly Jodi is not in Prison Break season 5, what means she will not in the spotlights like in the time Prison Break season 3. I have enough stuff about Jodi to share, so I don’t need Prison Break to continue with Jodi Lyn O’Keefe News.

I have a lot of interesting interviews, never seen before photos and videos. I hope that Jodi will return in a big tv show like Prison Break and Hit The Floor or a complete new show that is worldwide available. – Haydrion Rayel

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