Jodi Lyn O’Keefe Cassidy Bridges Teenage Daughter

While Nash deserves his reputation as a top-notch cop, he isn’t always quite as successful in his personal life. Away from the force, Nash must juggle the twin responsibilities of fathering his teenage daughter Cassidy Bridges, Jodi Lyn O’Keefe, and taking care of his father Nick, James Gannon, who is also his roommate.

Evan Cortez

Cassidy will grow up fast, in the first season she moves to her mother, Annette O’Tool. In some later seasons Cassidy gets a relationship with inspector Evan Cortez, Jaime P. Gomez.

When Evan dies Cassidy decide to walk in her father his footsteps and starting her career as Inspector Cassidy Bridges.

The only season where Jodi is not much is in season 4 or 5, No idea which one it is. But Jodi plays an great role as Cassidy. I have all seasons on DVD twice.

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