Jodi Lyn O’Keefe Falling in Love in Pongo Ponga

Jodi Lyn O’Keefe as Shawnee in the short movie Falling in Love Pongo Ponga by James Woods.

The production company (Tate and Partners) along with the Skyy Blue people produced this film for James’ directorial debut for use on the internet “Pongo Ponga” is supposed to premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival, and possibly to other venues.

Anyway, over the course of a few days, we put it together. The first day, my editing assistant, Michael Berk, had brought a CD in from some music library without a cover to it. He played a few selections, and I thought one cue sounded perfect for the opening flying sequence. It was sweeping and emotional, yet a little heavy handed — which was ideal for the ridiculous opening.


The script had called for “You Are So Beautiful,” but I thought that this syrupy piece we stumbled upon would feel more unique and certainly more rye. So I used it. It then ended up working perfectly over the ending love scene, thus book-ending the film nicely, and timelessly. The real drama began when we realized that no one at the editing facility knew where the case for the CD was. There was no way of knowing what in the world this piece of music that we had all fallen in love with was called.

Susan Kirson

So bagan the full investigation over the course of the project all the way through the final mix. Day by day James fell further in love with it, so no one wanted to have to be the one burned at the stake when telling him we couldn’t use it.

The head sleuth ended up being producer Susan Kirson who finally found someone in Europe who knew what it was. Susan then wheeled and dealed to extract out the information from them and get the rights to use this obscure, yet now, very powerful piece of music in our lives! Whew.

As of this writing, “Pongo Ponga” is supposed to premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival, and possibly to other venues … We all survived “Pongo Ponga!”

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