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Haydrion Rayel dot com is running on Linode, VPS location Dallas USA. Domain is registrated on Epik.com


News on haydrionrayel.com are written by Haydrion Rayel and or published from news sites and magazines after a check of truth. Pictures are scanned or purchased as well


Articles are an opinion of Haydrion Rayel and written by Haydrion Rayel


Photos and scans are all watermarked with the names :

  • jodilynokeefe.com (Haydrion Rayel is the owner of this domain name)
  • Fansite Online (was in the past a domain name of Haydrion Rayel)
  • ImVictoriaPratt (was in the past a domain name of Haydrion Rayel)
  • menasuvarifan.net (was in the past a domain name of Haydrion Rayel)
  • Nashua Indigo (is a nickname of Haydrion Rayel)

It is too much work to watermark everything again with the tag Haydrion Rayel.

Screen Captures

All screen captures from movies, documentaries and tv series /shows are taken by Haydrion Rayel who owns the movies and series on original dvd or digital purchased. Screen captures are watermarked with the name Haydrion Rayel and other above names.

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I am not waiting for someone his opinion and trolling comments or spam, comments are turned off

No cookie pop-ups

I hate them and I don’t have it on this website, because I don’t care and I don’t collect data nonsense, my name is not Mark Zuckerberg